The eTest assessment can help you hire the best candidates for any job. This simple online assessment can save you time and money, and help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. The standard eTest battery consists of a personality inventory, a vocabulary test and a reasoning skills assessment. Results are emailed within minutes of test completion. The Interview Guide is the primary report for help in selection. You can also get additional reports for self-development, leadership, sales, and coaching guidelines from the original data.

Interview Guide

The Interview Guide consists of a narrative description of the individual, a set of Targeted Interview Probes (TIPs) which provide suggested interview questions, and a variety of scores. It helps you narrow your focus in further interviews and reference checks. This report provides information about the candidate’s “DNA of personality” based on the widely accepted Five Factor structure (extraversion, emotional reactivity, behavioral control, agreeableness and complexity). It also provides a variety of sub-scores; job function similarity (administrative, customer service, managerial, sales, technical, etc.); job performance predictive scales based on real-world data (dependability, motivation, stress tolerance, etc.); and observations about the person’s problem-solving approach, interpersonal style and motivational makeup.

See the following sample reports for an idea of outputs for different jobs: