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eTest helps you select people who best fit your jobs and culture, and helps you develop your current employees to reach their full potential.

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Founded in 1993 by the psychologists of Management Psychology Group, eTest was one of the first online pre-employment testing companies. Our clients represent all types of business organizations, big and small, public and private. They span industries and sectors.

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Valid Assessment Tools

eTest is an online pre-employment screening tool developed and validated by licensed psychologists. Consisting of an assessment of personality characteristics and problem-solving abilities, it measures common-sense traits linked to job behavior. Results are sent to hiring managers in minutes plotting candidates against business norms and a selected job type.


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Our mission is to provide cost-effective job analysis, selection methods and validation to help our clients make informed, efficient, defensible and affordable hiring decisions. We accomplish this daily by providing standard and customized assessment instruments for employee selection and development.

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Customizable Solutions

We can develop an almost unlimited number of customized reports from the eTest standard battery. Depending on the scope of your hiring needs, you may wish to develop custom reports and job scales. For further information on customizing assessment tests for your company, email us and include a brief synopsis of your needs. One of our licensed psychologists will be in touch shortly to further explore how we may be able to help.


Insights for all job roles.

eTest standard and customized reports give you the insights to make the best possible selection and developmental decisions.

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